Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast Cancer Awareness!  There are over 2 million survivors of breast cancer in this country.  This fantastic statistic is due to both improved detection of early breast cancer and improved treatment regimens.

The five year survival rate for early breast cancer is 98%.  At the beginning cancer is too small to feel but often visible on mammogram.  Unfortunately, the majority of women between 40 and 80 do not get regular mammograms!   Fear of radiation, lack of insurance and dislike of the discomfort are some reasons given by these women.  Some women have a false sense of security with a negative family history.

Most women who develop breast cancer do not have another family member with disease.  Improved technology has decreased the radiation exposure from mammograms to be comparable to the radiation absorbed after several days in the summer sun or during a long airplane flight.  Radiology centers have decreased the price to those without insurance.  And the big squeeze is now decreased by 3D machines which see more without severe compression.

Mammograms are best combined with an examination as well as a review of the risks for breast cancer.  This can be done at your annual exam or at a separate visit.  Please call us at Women’s Health Care, 503-435-2020 to schedule an appointment.

Paid Advertising Column By Kay E. Case, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon, Women's Health Care