Obamacare -  What does it mean for women in Oregon?  The biggest change seen from the office of an Obstetrician/Gynecologist is improved access for women to obtain contraception, including sterilization.  This has resulted in a decrease in unplanned pregnancies.

The Women’s Health Care Reform includes coverage for most preventative services including annual exams, mammograms, colonoscopies, and screening labs.  Previously, these could have been applied to your yearly deductible but now they are covered and paid for by insurances.  This is a fundamental change which emphasizes the importance of catching problems early and promotion of healthy lifestyle choices.

Contraception options are multiple and can be tailored to the phase in a woman’s life, concurrent problems (such as bleeding), desire for menses (or lack thereof), and preformed beliefs of the user.  The discussion should include a review of everything currently available with pros and cons to each.

Sterilization for women is covered at 100%!  The procedure can be done in the operating room if other procedures are needed.  It can also be done in the office with a 15 minute procedure (Essure.com).

Providers at Women’s Health Care can catch you up on your preventative care and delineate contraceptive options if the need arises.  Call for your appointment today -  503-435-2020.