Stroke is the number 3 cause of death in women but many remain unfamiliar with the warning signs.  The initial symptom may be sudden weakness/ numbness of face/ limb on one side. The stroke victim may have trouble talking or understanding speech.  Less common signs which may indicate a potential stroke are sudden, severe headache, unexplained dizziness, or sudden dimness/ loss of vision.

The incidence of stroke increases with age but can occur as early as one’s 40’s.  It is often associated with hypertension, elevated cholesterol, cardiac arrhythmia or a clotting disorder.  Since many of these conditions have a familial disposition, stroke itself can be more common within a family.

While many factors leading to stroke can be present without any symptoms, stroke itself has noticeable signs.  Rapid recognition and treatment are key to preventing or ameliorating the potential long term effects.  Stroke is truly an emergency- call 911 if you are experiencing any of the warning signs listed above.

Part of an annual exam is a review of your family’s medical history in regard to the diseases. Testing your blood pressure and evaluating your cholesterol level should be done.  Treatment of the underlying causes can go a long way in preventing stroke from occurring.  Call to schedule your appointment 503-435-2020.


Paid Advertising Column By Kay E. Case, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon, Women's Health Care