Viagra for Menstrual Cramps

Viagra  for menstrual cramps!!  A recent study showed women who placed a Viagra tablet in their vagina experienced an easing of period cramping with no side effects.  The theory is that Viagra dilates blood vessels and increased endometrial blood flow.

Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation) can be primary (without associated disease) or secondary to entities like endometriosis or adenomyosis. The former is more common in younger women, thin women, smokers, those with long / irregular / heavy cycles and those with history of sexual assault.

Use of Viagra is not approved by the FDA but other treatments may also be effective.  To increase uterine blood flow daily aerobic exercise, use of a heating pad, soaking in the hot tub or orgasm can be effective.  These remedies not only increase blood flow but help release endorphins which can counteract the negative action of prostaglandins, the hormone responsible for much of the discomfort.  Acupuncture and other stress reduction techniques such as meditation can be effective as well.

Medications which may be helpful include the contraceptive pill which decreases endometrial proliferation and anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen.  The providers at Women’s Health Care can review all of the options available to you should you have significant menstrual cramping.  Call today for an appointment – 503-435-2020.