Body Dysmorphism

Body Dysmorphism  is an actual diagnosis used when people have unrealistic self-images.  The most widely known example would be that of an anorexic who constantly sees herself as overweight though she is actually underweight.

In contrast to that is the natural frustration people experience when they have small genetically determined fat deposits which stubbornly remain despite a healthy regimen of diet and exercise.  These can cause distress by creating an appearance far older than actual age.

The two most common areas of frustration for women is the area under the chin on the upper neck and the lower abdomen.  In addition to excess adipost tissue the skin in these areas can become stretched and lax.

Fortunately, newer techniques in liposuction have been developed which involve procedures done in an office setting with conscious sedation, tiny incisions, minimal down time and laser stimulation of the underside of the skin which results in actual tightening of the skin after the underlying fat has been removed.

Aviva Aesthetics has the latest in SmartLipo laser liposuction.  Call for your free consultation with Dr. Kay Case in regard to liposuction or other aesthetic treatments of interest to you.  971-261-6996


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