Cesarean Section

Cesarean Section:  Optional??  When asked to complete a birth plan, many women will adamantly state they do not want a cesarean section for delivery.  This reflects a general misunderstanding of the decision making process that occurs during labor.  Not all babies fit through the birth canal.  Not all babies tolerate the stress contractions place on the placenta.  Not all babies present head down.  Not all babies can safely be delivered vaginally.

Mothers to be can be proactive in the potential size issues.  It is well documented that the higher the starting body mass index for the pregnant women, the more likely she is to need cesarean delivery.  This has two parts to it: maternal fat stored in the pelvis constrict the birth canal.  And bigger moms tend to gain excess weight in pregnancy having bigger babies.

Physical exercise in pregnancy has been shown to decrease cesareans.  Pregnancy is not a time to be on a weight loss program. Moderate exercise can help decrease unnecessary weight gain creating a body that is more likely to have a vaginal birth.

At Women’s Health Care we actively strive to promote fewer cesarean sections by helping pregnant women make choices that improve their chances for a vaginal delivery.  Schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns – 503-435-2020.