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Records detail Heidt role in Seaside

Officer Johannes Korpela said in his report that Heidt “stated he was not at fault, but punched a guy three times in the face and broke his leg.”

Heidt has been sued in federal district court in Portland, along with McMinnville Sgt. Cully Desmond and Chief Ron Noble, and Yamhill County Deputy Rich Broyles and Sheriff Jack Crabtree, for allegedly launching an unprovoked attack on a bystander during a 2010 traffic stop.

The 39-year-old victim, Hipolito Aranda, suffered two broken ribs and a broken elbow, but no broken leg. The News-Register has filed public records requests with the city and county to determine if Heidt is also the subject of other excessive-force litigation, as suggested in the plural reference.

Heidt left the Seaside fight scene before police arrived and headed back to his rental unit, Korpela said. But he was so drunk, he went to the wrong house.

He frightened a woman and her children there by banging on their door and demanding to be let in, then attempting unsuccessfully to get in the back door, Korpela said. When police arrived to question him, he fell backwards over a small fence.

His blood alcohol level registered .24 percent, three times the presumptive level of intoxication established in Oregon law, Korpela said.

Seaside police determined that Heidt, who was booked in jail for detox but was not charged in the incident, had been playing pool at a bar with Carlton City Councilor Carey Rhoads. When that bar closed, they went to another one.

At the second bar, Heidt shoved Adam Bodine of Kelso, Wash., on the dance floor, knocking him down, then left. Outside, three men attacked him, apparently in retaliation.

The fight was broken up by bouncers before police arrived. Heidt left under his own power, but Seaside police subsequently determined he had sustained a concussion, in addition to lip and jaw injuries.

Rhoads later called police because we was worried about Heidt. He eventually arrived at the police station and told police he had also been assaulted, according to records. The incident report says Rhoads appeared to be intoxicated and smelled of alcohol, but was unwilling to provide a blood alcohol test.

The McMinnville Police Department declined to say whether Heidt had been subjected to discipline as a result of either incident. But three years after the initial incident, he remains on patrol duty.

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