Cynthia Kaufman Noble, Attorney at Law

Cynthia Kaufman Noble’s formative years in the deep south revealed significant social injustice that affected her deeply as a child. Blessed with a keen sense of fair play and a love of justice, she has a passion to right wrongs and to help others.

Cynthia is an active member of the legal community in McMinnville Municipal Court and Yamhill County Circuit Court. She is a member of the Oregon State Bar Association, the Yamhill County Bar Association and Yamhill Justice Center.

Cynthia and husband Rick have three witty chil­dren and two reasonably well-behaved dogs. When she’s not working, Cynthia loves to explore Oregon, cross-country ski, protect animals and be entertained by her two new malamutes, Tokah and Thunder. Someday, she’d like to publish the chil­dren’s songs she has composed and also write a children’s book.

414 NE Galloway St. 

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