By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Tox screens 'unremarkable' in stabbing case

Juventino Bermudez-Arenas, who fatally stabbed Linfield College sophomore Parker Moore at the counter of the 7-Eleven across from the college the Saturday night of Nov. 15, had a blood alcohol content of just .01, according to Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry. The district attorney termed that figure “unremarkable.”

The presumptive level of intoxication in Oregon is .08, or eight times the Bermudez reading. And Berry said results now in from post-mortem testing revealed no evidence the 33-year-old McMinnville resident, shot by police when he returned afterward, was under the influence of some other substance.

Moore, a 20-year-old resident of Woodinville, Washington, also underwent testing. It showed no indication he was under the influence of any substance, including alcohol.

The toxicology screens were conducted at the Portland Metropolitan Forensics Laboratory, operated by the Oregon State Police.

“Generally speaking, the substances that are screened for are driven by law enforcement officers and the investigation,” according to Lt. Josh Brooks, an OSP spokesman. “In this case, an officer-involved shooting, the medical examiner would have been the party requesting that any specific substances be tested for.”

According to Berry, testing was done for “the common drugs of abuse” as well as “common pharmaceuticals like oxycodone, methadone, hydrocodone, anti-depressants, etc.”

Bermudez was a local farm laborer who was described as a homebody who didn’t have a car or driver’s license and largely kept to himself. He lived behind the 7-Eleven with a sister and brother, who said he regularly sent a portion of his earnings home to his parents in Mexico.

In the country illegally, he apparently kept a low profile. Other than a minor scrape many years ago, he had a clean criminal record.

Moore was majoring in business and playing football at Linfield. Before driving to the 7-Eleven with a friend and teammate the night in question, he had gone out to dinner with his parents, who had attended Saturday’s football game.

According to investigators, Bermudez strode straight up to Moore, stabbed him twice in the chest with a large kitchen knife and left immediately. Minutes later, as medical and law enforcement personnel swarmed about the scene, he returned.

His sister said he was aiming to turn himself in, but he was still carrying the knife and refused to drop it on command. When he made a move toward three officers in the parking lot, they unloosed a collective total of 15 shots, killing him.

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