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Results from elections of local interest; link to latest Yamhill County tally

Election Results

Below are unofficial returns for state and local balloting on candidates and measures. Numbers are from the Yamhill County Clerk's Office, other county clerk offices, the State of Oregon and national media.

Click here for link to latest count of Yamhill County votes, released at noon Wednesday

Federal, President of the United States

*Obama       907,351   (Oregon only)   303 Electoral Votes at 11:45 p.m. 
Romney       715,027   (Oregon only)   206 Electoral Votes at 11:45 p.m. 

U.S. Congress, First District

*S.Bonamici      175,457
D. Morgan          95,620

Yamhill County Races

County Commission, Position 2
Denise Bacon         16,609   
*Allen Springer       18,215   

County Treasurer 
Bill Bordeaux         12,185   
*Michael Green     17,937   

County Clerk
*Brian Ven Bergan      27,942 

Local Measures

Measure 36-153 (filling Sheridan vacancies)
*Yes         931
No            310

Measure 36-154 (Dayton police)
Yes          450
No           394

Measure 36-155 (YSWCD levy)
Yes            11,517
*No           27,685

Measure  36-156  (Yamhill fire levy)
Yes              745
*No           1,218

Local State Races

State Senate 12
*Brian Boquist         33,300
Annette Frank          21,924

State House 23
R.Swarzendruber       9,735
*J.Thompson           17,568

State House 24
Kathy Campbell         11,384
*Jim Weidner            14,314

State Candidates

Secretary of State
*Kate Brown          810,181
Knute Buehler         689,184

State Treasurer
Tom Cox                578,403
*Ted Wheeler         896,086

State Attorney General
James Buchal           606,055
*E. Rosenblum         860,706

Commissioner of Labor, Industries
*Brad Avakian          641,060
Bruce Starr               572,271

Supreme Court Judge, Position 3
*Richard Baldwin     604,585
Nena Cook              570,917

Court of Appeals Judge, Position 6
*James Egan              650,158
Tim Volpert               459,460

State Measures

Measure 77 (catastrophe powers)
*Yes         898,149
No            636,459

Measure 78 (update Constitution)
*Yes         1,097,328
No              427,405

Measure 79 (prohibit transfer tax)
*Yes         920,591
No            638,289

Measure 80 (legalize marijuana)
Yes          753,952
*No          874,945

Measure  81 (prohibit gill nets)
Yes          530,227
*No       1,013,151

Measure 82 (for private casinos)
Yes             455,870
*No          1,153,694

Measure 83 (for Portland casino)
Yes             469,417
*No          1,136,506

Measure 84 (end inheritance tax)
Yes           731,202
*No          857,628

Measure 85 (kicker to education)
*Yes         942,315
No            637,429 

City Candidates

Amity Mayor 
*Michael Cape       262    
Sharon Haggith       105     
Rudy van Soolen     129   

Dundee City Council (top 3)
*Jeannette Adlong        877
Gabi Hinoveanu           468
*J. Randal Reddell       709
*Tim Weaver              893     

Lafayette City Councilor (top 3)
Tim Hamel           479
*Chris Harper       782
*Chris Pagella       538
*Marie Sproul       575

McMinnville City Council, 1
*Scott Hill             1,714
Nicholas Scyoc        996

Willamina City  Council  (top 3)  
Rita Baller              265
Allan Bramall          259
*Gary Hill              305
*Ila Skyberg           414

Yamhill Mayor 
Charles Mitchell    215
Paula Terp           234

* Winner



It's now 9:30pm and County Clerk Stern Doll still doesn't have any numbers posted. What the heck???????????


And why does the printout say 7:51 pm?


What printout?

Reporter Starla Pointer

The results being reported on the clerk's office website are from the first run of ballots, which took place just before 8 p.m. Those ballots had been turned in well before the polls closed and processed.
At 8 p.m., ballots were picked up from drop boxes in Lafayette and other cities, then brought to the clerk's office in McMinnville, where they had to be checked in preparation for running through the counting machines. That's why there are only partial or no results for some races.
The clerk says the next ballot tally will be released about 11:30 p.m. I hope it's earlier!


When I go to the clerks website and click on current elections all I get is a cover page that says it will be updated after 8pm and when I click on the link at the top of this page it says the same thing.

Reporter Starla Pointer

Try this link, click on Nov. 6 general election results, and you should get a pdf


Thank you Starla - it worked.


I have to say Thank You too Starla, for responding the way you did and helping us through these confusing few days!

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