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Moore's math teacher remembers

Parker Moore's 9th grade math teacher wrote a touching remembrance on his blog about the Linfield student who died Saturday night.
Ryan Adams, who besides teaching math is also a Linfield alumnus, remembers the Moore as a "good looking, athletic, popular and charismatic kid that girls had crushes on, and all athletes looked up to."

Moore also helped inspire Adams as a teacher too:
"Do you ever have students that when they walk into your class, they inherently care about the learning of every other student in the room?
"For the first five or six years of my career I would have easily answered that question with a loud and emphatic, No!  Students may come in and are willing to help other students, are willing to work in groups, are willing speak to and disagree respectfully with every other student in the room.  But care about their learning, no.  That is until I had Parker Archie Moore in my 9th grade Alg 1 class."
To read Adams's full blog post click here
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