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Yamhelas trail meetings scheduled

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The last phase of this 17-mile project ends N of Gun-club rd. near Hwy 47, not McMinnville. The county Website is incorrect: I estimate the first 4 miles to cost about 5 million for purchase and construction. This project is not eligible for ODOT bike-path grants because the County refuses to conduct a feasibility farm-impact study, required under ORS 215.296. Its purported purpose is said to draw tourists into Carlton for Ken-Wright-Cellars at the old train depot, and a rumored hotel at the old fertilizer plant in Carlton, now that the water main has been upgraded. Some suspect that the light-rail will ruin this valley in just a short time, due to the current housing situation in Portland. This project would hurt the county's number-one source of revenue: Ag. I testified before an (MWACT) ODOT board that Primozich and winery owner Ken Wright both sit on, and the board was surprised to hear that there was opposition to this project. I have attended more than half of Ken Wright's planning sessions for this, including his Charrette. There are two major factors: The merits of a bike path, AND the financial position that the county is currently in. On June 8th is a Q&A panel, (not a discussion NR), a time to get questions answered in public. Different answers are being given to different people. Attorney Todd Sadlo, and County planners Christian Boenisch and Ken Friday, all together told me, one year ago, that there is not a farm-impact study because "This is only hypothetically a bicycle path" verbatim, Sadlo. Boenisch added verbatim: "We are trying to acquire the property for a future commuter line to get workers to Washington County." I testified to these comments at the following Commissioner meeting.


This sounds like a really good thing for our County. I'm surprised to see signs up around town opposing it.
What's not to like about being able to go for a long run or a walk or to take the kids on a long bike ride without having to be sharing the street with cars whizzing by at 65mph?

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