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Truck driver saves VW driver from going down embankment

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Live and let Live

Good job! It's nice to see there are still good people around willing to help others out when they're in trouble.

Bob the slob

Yes, good job truck driver. And good job News-Register Staff

It would be so nice if they had newspapers that were nothing but good news. great things --- random acts of kindness, good deeds, good Samaritanism --- happen all the time, the newspaper should hire a reporter whose job it is to go out and find ten such things a day and report on them. And then encourage citizen reporters to find and report all that they can find. That in turn would inspire the public to ratchet up their own involvement in Good-deedism. Then there will be rampant Good-deedism. It will spread across the country and around the world. Eventually someone who would have done something bad to someone will instead end up doing something good and will feel so good about it that he or she will give up doing bad things altogether and focus on doing good things, See what you started, Truck Driver? You didn�t just help Connie L. Weygandt; you began a movement that will change the world into a far far better place.


Notice how they do not mention the truck drivers name..probably because he does not need affirmations from anyone to know he is a great guy..Kudos to you truck driver!! Karma sees your actions, and I am praying that more good luck comes your way. Thank you.


Reporter Paul Daquilante was were able to track him down and get an interview. Paul also managed to reach the woman who was rescued. It all makes for a very interesting � and yes, heartwarming � read in today's paper (that of Wednesday, May 2).
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


@ Steve Bagwell

What a beautiful article. Thanks. So nice to see that this world still has some nice guys in it! Thank you so much.


The driver's name is mentioned in the newsprint article...Rodney Dunn from South Tillamook County...he is one great guy to have around. Great friends are easy to find where we come from.


Great story, but Bob, no newspaper could survive on just the good, there just isn't enough to go around.


"... he is one great guy to have around."

And I'd like to throw-in a big Woop Woop for Clyde Dawkins, he's another great guy to have around, too!

John Smith Jr

I think there are enough good stories out there, unfortunately, you don't hear about them that often but they go on every single day with normal people, I just think most people are more interested in the bad and the ugly than the good.

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