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New car wash now open

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i used the new car wash a few days ago, unfortunately i was disappointed - yeah, your car doesn't get touched by brushes but neither does the dirt, it came out with lots of spots and dirt - maybe if the car is somewhat clean already it would be ok but for the price, i would rather go to the one that is across from staples that does a much better job for less money, i do wish them luck though.


I used the car wash today and really liked it. I was bummed about them tearing up the area to put it in, as the deer used to spend a lot of time there.


We should all put our lives on hold and not develop private propery or start a business because there are deer or birds there once and a while.

Dear Crabby


Fully automated car-washes tend to work best for those that clean their vehicle on a regularly scheduled basis.

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