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LUBA hears Baker Rock arguments

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The one thing that clearly bothers me about every single article printed about this case, is that it clearly indicates concern for the farmers. Which we all are concerned about the farming. Grand Island is a main staple of agriculture in Yamhill County. Why is there no concern for the Residents that live directly in the impact zone and the damage that will be done to their wells. People live here, not just farm here!

PGIF Margaret

..That's true Eve..13..except that the residents that live in the impact zone would be me, and I also am a farmer..We have concerns for ALL the residents on Grand Island and their wells..We also have concerns about the impact this mine and it's berms ( that are illegal under Yamhill County's own laws) will have when the River rises and our Island floods every year..Baker also has in it's plan to cut a channel for the fish that will be located in the States Greenway..Also not widely known or understood is the 50 acres that Yamhill County is just going to GIVE to Baker Rock.? Does anyone care about that.? 50 acres on Grand Island of farm land just given away.? Do you know what that is worth.?..Or course we know which side the county's bread is buttered from..

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