Letters to the Editor Jan. 12, 2018

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Don Bowie - When did speaking English become a requirement of citizenship? Is there a new requirement that I'm not aware of?

Don Dix

If true, printing out voting instructions in 8 languages seems somewhat accommodating, wouldn't you say?


What is wrong with making sure that voters can read and understand voting instructions?

Bill B

So, is the test for citizenship in eight different languages?

Don Dix

So, how does one of these voters without a grasp of English deal with everyday communication, at say the DMV (since that is the origin of many automatic voter registrations)?

This was an arbitrary decision made by a small group (on the behalf of 2.5M voters). Maybe a little more transparency and oversight should be in place.


Je ne comprends pas.


Mrs. Flud--why don't you gather the hats yourself and drop them off at the shelter or at YCAP? What am I missing here? Why is there a problem?

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