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Key figure in murder trial dies in crash

Aug 4, 2012 | 30 Comments

By Paul Daquilante
Of the News-Register

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11:59 pm - Mon, August 6 2012
Inge said:
Geeze, this is kind of harsh and seems disrespectful. The guy died in an ACCIDENT and was WEARING A HELMET! It doesn't seem necessary to include every mistake he has ever made. How about a headline that reads, " A former drug addict and key witness in a murder trial, turns life around but tragically passes away on a camping trip with his family." Paul, I hope someone like you doesn't write your story after you die.
12:05 am - Tue, August 7 2012
skull crusher said:
First off, I would like to just say this article is is messed up. My God, the man JUST passed away and Mr.Daquilante writes a story that pretty much drags Mr.Barnhill's name through the mud! Shame on you! You seem to want to talk a lot about this young mans PAST mistakes and I find in very bad taste to bring up dirt about a deceased person! This young man was also a wonderful father, son, fiancee, and friend. He also had a huge heart and was loved by MANY people. Yeah, you didn't wanna mention any positive things did you Mr. Daquilante because it wouldn't sell papers!
12:11 am - Tue, August 7 2012
skull crusher said:
I could NOT agree with you more Inge!
11:26 am - Tue, August 7 2012
DM said:
It looks to me like Mr. Barnhill did a good enough job dragging his own name through the mud. Drug convictions in 2000, 2004, 2005, 2010, 2011 and yet another arrest just a few weeks ago. It doesn't sound to me like he was a good father, son, or fiancee. It appears he brought more heartache to his family than joy.
12:22 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
amethystlouisee said:
Jeremy Barnhill WAS an amazing person. So if you didn't know him personally DM, shut the f*ck up. You're bad talking the dead? Oh you're cool. Seriously? Barnhill was MY friend. And I could tell you first hand that most of the article is a bunch of lies. When the accident happened, he wasn't drunk and was being responsible for wearing a brand new helmet. He was a wonderful father to his two kids and partner to his fiancee. He made mistakes like everyone does. Doesn't mean you have to bring it up now in the paper. He's dead for god sakes. That's just disrespectful. Especially to his family that has to read this bull crap. To everyone that knew him, we know the truth and how amazing he was. He always made people laugh with his jokes and could always make you smile. He had one of the most weirdest laughs I've ever heard in my life. But that's what I miss the most about him. He was very known for it. No matter what mistakes that he's made in his life, he was ALWAYS a good father to his kids. His heart belonged to them and his fiancee. Barnhill was changing his life around. He had been clean for a year from drugs and the last time he was arrested, was for having some beers. He had a job that he loved, he was staying clean and spending time with his family more. Anyone who wants to bag on him now, can deal with me. His family should've had to read this garbage of an article.
Rest In Peace Jeremy Haywood Barnhill. You were amazing. && I can't even describe how much your family & friends miss you. We love you very much. You will never be forgotten. Screw the haters.
12:51 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
DM said:
So opinions only can be expressed if they agree with you? Wow. I was simply commenting on his long, continual history of not being able to follow the law and I'm called a hater and told you'll deal with me. Internet tough guys/gals are rather humorous. Even if it was just beers, it was obviously a PV so he should have known better.
05:18 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
m.dhondt/barnhill said:
First of all I would like tos say that Jeremy Barnhill my FIANCE was far from perfect HOWEVER as most people do we have had our ups and downs and he definatly had his own battles, Let me be the first to say that in the 8.5 yrs that we have been together Jeremy has grown from being a careles young dude to the most amazing man I have ever had the honor to meet or have in my life he has changed and grown so much it just amazed me and made me so proud of him! He was an amazing father even at his worst his kids still were taken care of and thru all of his battles he continued to strive for something better. He really started to re evaluate choice of life and friends after the tragic murder of Timothy Long happend AT OUR HOME not due to us or him setting it up but do to his friend/wife setting it up which is really neither here nor there. I want to just let everyone know for what its worth that Jeremy was an AMAZING FATHER great companion and fiance and so incredibly smart, kind and funny it just hurts so much to realise he is no longer on this earth, he will be dearly missed by myself and his two wonderful children along with other family. I wish that the person who wrote this article would have taken a few minutes to check the facts of WHAT HAPPENED and left out the past as the past is in the past and Jonathan didnt even get charged for murder again this is here nor there however if you would like to know the fact the facts are this:

Jeremy was quadding with his family and friend alcohol was not a factor as he had only had 2 beers way earlier in the day the tire ealier in the day had fallen off and we fixed it

Speed is unknown as there are 2 sets of skid marks one from OUR quad and 1 from a DIRTBIKE once measured out and looked at it was determined that he had swearved to move away from the other rider which he then proceeded to hit A TREE and DIE on impact

05:24 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
m.dhondt/barnhill said:
The fellow dirtbike rider *a father who was riding with his son* came to tell us of this accident the *father and our friend Aaron* went up in his truck with a trailer and brought him back to camp

Once Jeremy was back at camp I myself THE FIANCE NOT STRANGER and Aaron proceeded to perform CPR for an hour and half while Tillamook County and Yamhill County Disputed which county to send in for help Thankfully a god send angel and his wife stopped to help at the tail end with CPR

All the while life flight was hovering above us waiting to here which county to send down in the end both countys came. Oh did I mention this whole time our daughter and son were in the car our daughter who also had to witness this all.

Needless to say in the end we are left broken hearted and empty knowing that our loved one father and signifigant other who had been doing so well this past year and in years past is GONE NO LONGER WITH US please why cant you respect who is still living and respect the now deceased to just stick with the facts of what happend or better yet just put in an obituary that states he has passed no need to bring up his past. Everyone can change and as hard as it was for him to change his life around he had and I will be the first to say that I couldnt be any prouder of the man that he turned out to be or any prouder to be his fiance partener mother of his children cause as I said ealier you couldnt have asked for a better person then him in the end its just to bad and sad that he was needed in heaven more then on earth here because he will be greatly missed but never forgotten. I love you my love as do our kids we miss you greatly but will be together again one day as a family till then I hope some people re evalute there harsh opionions on someones mistakes and realise that people can and do change and this time most defiantly for the better


Mireille D'Hondt/Barnhill & Children
06:00 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
meredithjackson said:
First of all, how dare you post an article like this about a HUMAN BEING that has just passed away, with the majority of the article focusing only on the bad choices he made in his life and the criminal charges he occuried in those times. I have known Jeremy for 12 years, he was a great person with an awesome sense of humor that everybody loved. He had the disease of addiction. Did that make him a bad person?? NO. He just lost his life for heavens sake, for this reporter to write this article not only disrespects him, but his family left behind. Im sure his children would love to have these newspaper articles about their father that left them at such a early age, is this how they want their father remembered? Or anybody for that matter. By a drug deal gone bad in front of his house?? This newspaper should be ashamed for printing this. He was a good man. And by the sound of it was turning his life around. That is what this article should have said. Dont you have any compassion what so ever for what this family is experiencing. I am completely disgusted by this article and your paper for that matter.
09:34 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
skull crusher said:
I have a feeling DM that amethystlouisee isn't just your run of the mill "internet tough gal." She obviously cared very deeply about Mr.Barnhill and if this is the same amethyst that I am thinking of, she is one you wouldn't want to make mad! By the way, you have a very pretty name Amethyst. If I have a daughter, Amethyst is my first choice to name her :) Your mom must've been very creative for choosing that name!
11:10 pm - Tue, August 7 2012
m.dhondt/barnhill said:
Thank you everyone for there kind comments in regards to Jeremy and anyone who had the joy or blessing of meeting or encountering him has almost always had positive things to say about him as I said ealier in my post he wasnt perfect but gosh darn it he was sure getting close to perfect the past year or so and despite all ALWAYS in all the 8.5 yrs that we have been together he has always had a postive out look on things a great sense of humor and drive to really try to do well and succeed in life despite some of his not so great choices. I really wish that whoever had written this article would have taken a minute and realised that there was no need to bring up his past. It has really hurt myself our children and his family deeply and I can only hope that somebody at the News Register will find it in there hearts to do one last article on Jeremy to his family and friends who loved and respected him and appolgize for the tasteless article that was written about him which has greatly affected many of us,you will never have to write about him again let him rest in peace on a positve note please.
08:26 am - Wed, August 8 2012
DM said:
It's not a tasteless article, it's called a human interest story. If Mr. Barnhill wasn't deeply involved in the incident where somebody was murdered in the small town of Dundee, I'm sure the paper would have run a small article on the atv death of a local citizen.

Not having a personal connection to anybody involved I personally found the article very interesting and well done.

Thanks NR
10:13 am - Wed, August 8 2012
baffled&bewildered said:
DM You are disrespectful Have you ever experienced the grief/pain of losing a spouse, father/mother of your children, or a child? Leave it be.
Our societal media thrives on sensationalism. This is the family's time of grieving.
01:48 pm - Wed, August 8 2012
ThatGuy said:
Not saying it is in good taste but...the article does match the headline. It seems more often than not, there is going to be this kind of jabbing at a person in a small community even after his death. Sadly, people love this drama....
02:21 pm - Wed, August 8 2012
m.dhondt/barnhill said:
The article matches the headline? Why does that headline need to read what it does? was it nessasary? NO
Was there a murder trial? Yes
Was he convicted of murder? No
Does that anger people? Yes
Did Jeremy have any part of this doing? No
Did it happen at our home? Yes regretfully so
In the end after all was said and done why cant the media let what happend happen they reported enough on it, it made healines for months actually years now. All im saying is that this not only is sad and frusterating to read and hurts the living family members.
09:33 pm - Wed, August 8 2012
ThatGuy said:
No argument here. I'd quit reading it if I were you. There's nothing in here that's going to help you move to the next stages of healing and continuing to spend energy on this will just slow you down even more. Why don't you write a positive story of your own about him and ask them to run it.
09:47 pm - Wed, August 8 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
Good idea.
08:19 am - Thu, August 9 2012
Zen said:
i think loosing a loved one is always painful but the fact that someone is dead doesn't mean they automatically become "wonderful" people, it's just that it is easier to focus on the good than the bad when someone is permanently gone - i'm very sorry for the family's loss, but this guy had a long history with the law
09:19 am - Thu, August 9 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
Obituaries are always an interesting read.
09:31 am - Thu, August 9 2012
Michael Tubbs Sr said:
His family might mull over the idea of a half page in the News-Register. Jeb might even consider giving the family a discount, taking into consideration all of the story lines he's provided. Just a thought, I'm sure it would be an interesting read.

The family might consider aproaching Starla Pointer with the other side of his story.
04:05 pm - Thu, August 9 2012
skull crusher said:
So what if he had a long history with the law? Does that mean all his faults should be blasted in the paper AGAIN after his death? Is this what you would want for your loved one? There should be an apology story written ASAP! Have some respect people!
09:10 am - Fri, August 10 2012
DM said:
An apology for what, writing the truth? If I had a loved one who passed away with as much baggage as this gentlemen I wouldn't be shocked if the local paper wrote about it. I would however, choose not to read it. It wouldn't accomplish anything.
11:43 am - Fri, August 10 2012
skull crusher said:
They didn't have to bring all the crap up after this man's death! I am getting nowhere with you DM. And I seriously doubt you would just choose not to read a disrespectful article written about your loved one. Unless you are as cold hearted as you are portraying yourself to be that is!
02:56 pm - Fri, August 10 2012
ThatGuy said:
DM isn't that wrong. I wouldn't read it either. Let's not mistake this for his obituary. I'm sure the family can come up with some fun, positive stories to show that this guy didn't just sit around all day committing crimes. If this stuff makes you do mad, don't read it. The NR has as much right to write as everyone else does to counter it with better stories. I'm sure had he been the driver of an ice cream truck and that's what everyone knew him for, that's what they would have written.
08:37 pm - Fri, August 10 2012
skull crusher said:
Obviously you and DM are BOTH idiots! Just sayin.... it was messed up that the reporter chose to angle the story the way he did. Could've wrote the story in a much more respectful way but chose not to. Like I said, the way the story was written sells papers. Nobody seems to care about human decency anymore, just pointing out flaws and negativity. I feel sorry for you DM, ThatGuy,and the reporter if you guys think on ANY level this was correct and okay to do.
11:12 am - Mon, August 13 2012
jbopinion said:
Thoughts and prayers to his fiancee, children, family and friends. Regardless of his choices, right or wrong, in the short time I knew him ~ I liked him. I considered him a friend and am saddened by his passing. He was proud of his children, loved being a dad, and he was always nice to me so it doesn't matter what his police record was like. Perhaps he helped an elderly woman cross the street, but because the police blotter didn't mention it we will never know. He lived in a city with a population around 74 (slightly exaggerated) and after the first arrest they were prob just waiting for him to make his next mistake. But....doesn't matter. He was growing up but left us too soon to prove it. Rest in peace my friend, it was my pleasure to know you.
08:59 am - Thu, August 16 2012
DM said:
It's nice to see censorship is alive and well in McMinnville.
12:52 am - Fri, August 17 2012
skull crusher said:
You DM are a Richard Cranium! Nuff said!
09:00 am - Fri, August 17 2012
DM said:
I moved beyond name calling when I reached junior high. Thanks for your opinion, though.
09:33 am - Fri, August 17 2012
Manup said:
Apparently the titles of 'good father', 'great friend', and 'wonderful fiancé' mean something completely different here.  Rose colored glasses are not needed here.
A good father is not arrested because he is too busy teaching his children how to be respectful young individuals wo are filled with kindness, compassion, and courage.
A good friend is not doing drugs, nor drinking in excess because he is too busy helping put up fencing at his buddies house, or helping a friend through a trouble spot, maybe even babysitting for a friend so they may have some 'me time'.
A wonderful partner is one who puts his wants, and needs last because the woman in his life IS his life.  There is no time for drug use, no time for excess alcohol abuse, and certainly no time for unsavory characters in his life because he is too busy retaining a hard working job, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, and being the rock of the family unit.  He eats dinners at the family table and uses that same table to play Monopoly for the ten thousandth time with her because it's her favorite game.  He talks like a gentleman in her presence and never makes her wonder about his faithfulness or love.
Like it or not, this man has failed in the simplest of duties,love and respect for his family.  While his death is felt amongst those that knew him, you must not misplace your anger.Had he truly loved his family, he would have taken into account that he had children to come home to at the end of the day as well as a partner.  His choices would have reflected that in his actions.
Raise the bar on your expectations of those you choose to surround yourself with, you deserve more. A mistake is something done in error, not a choice to do something wrong.I for one appreciated the brutal honesty that was found in this article, it was informative- news should not be sugar coated to appease the few.

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