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Former Newberg High School student arrested on tattoo and sex charges

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At least he'll have a useful trade in prison.

Sister Newberg

This 18 year old knew better, was taught better but now there are hundreds of students who have been exposed to MRSA and/or Hepatitic C.....wouldn't that be an assault charge or at minimum reckless endangerment? I love my students friends as if they were my own and am very angry with this young man's behavior.


I would think that a 15 year old or two, and 8 others would know better as well. If he was a few months younger- still 17, would he still be under the weight that he should "know better"?

Who made the choice to travel to this 18 year old's apartment and exchange sex for a tattoo because they just couldn't wait until they reached 18? At some point we need to hold all involved ACCOUNTABLE, not just the guy. They stop being victims when they willingly go to his house and allow their bodies to be tattooed. They stop being a victim when they trade ink for sex. None came forward until after the nurse found out, so presumably, they were all happy with their trade off.

From the title, I was expecting to hear about a guy who was pinning women down and forcing tattoos on their bodies and then sexually assaulting them, this- this is no more than a guy being a guy, and young girls being stupid- while I understand the potential of disease, these girls KNEW what they were doing.

Curious if every single one of them will take the responsible steps to see if they have been infected with anything prior to consumating other realationships, as their own well-being seems to be of least importance, being out-weighed by their desires to get a tattoo, I can't imagine them thinking of a partners well-being.

What a shame to be raising children who are willing to give such a special thing away for ink. No place for morals in todays youth.

skull crusher

Bravo Manup! Totally agree with you on this one!

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