By NR Staff • 

County loses out on building

A real estate sign posted outside indicates a sale is pending, and the bank confirmed that. However, it declined to disclose either the name of the buyer or the selling price. It said any announcement would have to await closure of the deal in the fall.

The county submitted the only bid at the auction, coming in at $305,000. Bill Hubel, executive vice president and chief financial officer at Citizens, termed it too low to even consider.

The 16,400-foot building, positioned diagonally from the county courthouse, was erected in 1937 as a hospital. It was remodeled in the 1970s to accommodate medical offices.

The bank was asking for at least $595,000, but the county offered barely more than half that.

“We bid low because we know how much it will cost to do the work it needs,” said Deputy County Administrator Chuck Vesper. “We were not going to put the county in the position of paying top dollar for the building, then turning around and having to pay that much again to make it serviceable.”  

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