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Changes coming to News-Register

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I covered 3 routes as a kid. I think it will be sad to see it go. It was something that really taught me reponsibility. I did it back when it was 3 times a week plus the nickle savers. That was so much newspaper to roll! My hands were always stained with ink and burned from the rubber bands because I neede them a bit tighter to fit 3 routes in. It was a great learning experience and there was no better way in Jr. High to make some money!


Sadly, this does seem to be the future of print media. We're sorry to lose our very reliable carrier but happy we will still have the News Register in one format or another. My frustration is with people who are content to catch their news in occasional snippets between Jersey Shore and Honey Boo Boo. People used to educate themselves about their world, their country and their community by reading the news. What happened?


lorenzer121- We still get news, it is done via the various free Internet outlets and apps such as ABC news, CBS news, Fox, KATU, KOIN, The Sun, etc.

While I enjoy some features of the I will not pay for them, at least not for what they offer right now- there is enough competition in the local news outlets to make the extra cost unnecessary.

Companies forget, that while they raise costs to cover new expenses (such as going digital) our pockets are still empty. Few businesses are handing out raises, and I know there are those out there fearful of even asking because they don't want to lose what little income they are getting. But when gas, trash, electric, water, sewer, Internet, and food all rises without our wages keeping in line- there certainly is no room to pay to view content from a media outlet when there are so many others that provide similar stories for free.

In a time where our youths are in dire need of structure, responsibility, and learning a good work ethic, it is a shame you will no longer contribute to the sucsess of so many. A disappointing blow to them for sure- nothing like working hard, earning your own money, and then learning that your efforts are for naught as the company slams the door in your face- teach them early I guess.


Has the NR fired its editors as well in these cuts? The factual and grammatical errors are atrocious in the online stories.


All three of my kids delivered the N-R and my husband worked on a lot of their printing machines. We owe a lot to this community institution, in addition to the local news that you ONLY get in the N-R! It's sad to read this news, but understandable in this changing economy.

Dances with Redwoods

At only $6 per month (on the easy payment plan) it's hard not to see the value one recieves as a paid-subscriber.


Some of you may think I'm nuts, but believe it or not the main reason I stopped my subscription was because of the paper being left on the driveway or porch. Yes, being retired allows my wife and I to travel just a little. We also didn't want everyone who drove by to know we were gone as well. I didn't trust our paper boy to remember not to leave a paper when we were gone a week or two. Now that it will go in our mailbox, I may sign back up. Yes, I do trust the post office to hold my mail.


Meanwhile at the Oregonian:

"Oregonian Publishing Co., which publishes The Oregonian and The Hillsboro Argus, announced Tuesday it will launch a new weekly newspaper in Forest Grove later this month.

The first edition of the Forest Grove Leader will be published Oct. 17. It will be delivered free to more than 16,000 Forest Grove-area homes, and its content will also appear at The Oregonian's affiliated website,"

"Pamplin Media Group publishes the Forest Grove News-Times, a weekly Forest Grove newspaper. That company recently launched the Hillsboro Tribune, a twice-monthly newspaper distributed free in Hillsboro."

Two new newspapers now being delivered for free in suburb towns. Someone is doing something right. They're charging their advertisers and not their readers.

Dances with Redwoods


Advance Publications is the 46th largest company in the United States. In my eyes, I see doing business with the News-Register on par with purchasing food produced by a local family farmer.

Not that I personally have anything against Corporate farmers.

skull crusher

How about firing some of the reporters to cut costs? I know one in particular that should have been fired 2 months ago for writing a heinous article!


I too was a NR paper carrier for seven years when I was a kid. I hate to see this tradition end for the kids today. My carrier does an excellent job and I hate to see it end. Also, I have a locking mail box and the flip down opening at the top will not accomodate a newspaper. What is the postal carrier going to do with it then? Can they use my mail box?, will it be thrown on the ground?.

Also, there are a number of smaller towns close to McMinnville where most residents can only get their mail at the post office. Most of the standard size boxes will not accomodate a newspaper and all the other mail they receive. What is going to happen in those cities?

I'm wondering the if the NR has really thought this out? In any case, I am extremely disappointed in the NR for not being able to save elsewhere and cutting out the local paper carriers. Shame on you !!


We have thought this out, I can assure you.
There are dozens of other non-dailies in Oregon, and to our knowledge, every one of them relies on the U.S. Mail, including the Sheridan Sun and Newberg Graphic in Yamhill County. It is workable.
Our current delivery outlay exceeds the cost of our entire reporting staff. It is, believe me, a very substantial sum. There is simply no less painful means available to us to realize savings of that magnitude in a climate where it's essential.
Carrier home delivery is very labor-intensive, thus very expensive. Mail is not a viable option for dailies, but has become virtually universal for non-dailies.
Steve Bagwell
Managing Editor


Dances with Redwoods,

If you'd like to compare the News-Register to a local family farmer, well then the local family farmer just laid off 87 local workers, put your food plus the paychecks of those 87 local workers in the hands of the US government (US mail), and guaranteed it will be not as fresh when it is crammed into your mailbox at a delayed rate vs. delivered to your door.

Dances with Redwoods


My wife and I subscribe to both the N-R, and the Sheridan Sun. On Wednesdays we receive both papers in our Grand Ronde PO Box. As for people being laid off, I too, was dismayed to learn of it..


Thank you for explaining Steve, I appreciate the response. I am not complaining about the change. I have been discussing this with some family members in smaller towns and of course they are older and concerned about delivery. I still enjoy being able to sit down and read a paper, but electronic is fine with me. There are just so many seniors that don't have computers and may never will.

Again, thanks for responding.


So let's say I'm having a garage sale on Friday at 9am. If the paper is delivered via mail Friday afternoon then I actually have to put my ad in the paper that gets delivered on Tuesday. Presumably that paper gets mailed on Monday. Does that mean I have to place my ad by the previous Saturday? No wonder people don't buy advertising in local papers anymore. What a joke.

Dances with Redwoods

Just curious, ZeeZee, have you ever paid to advertise in the past, if so, with which newspaper?


I think the News Register is a terrific local newspaper and I will read it no matter how it is delivered. This is a necessary solution that will extend the life and quality of this paper.

Dances with Redwoods

I'm keeping my eye's skinned for one of those 'Old Timey' made in the U.S.A. circa 1920's-30's hand cranked combination corn cracker & tortilla press's.

Keep those 'Want-ad's coming, Jeb!

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