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Candidate's fundraising far outpaces other campaigns

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Don Dix

Sadly, these elections always seem to revolve around one aspect -- MONEY! It would be refreshing if this election produces the best commissioner for the county, instead of the usual "outspend the opponents and gain the position".

Buying an election may be the way things are, but that situation certainly doesn't excuse the practice.

Sal Peralta

Don - I have received donations from more than 100 individuals from folks around the county. I'd like to think that's because a lot of good people believe that I am well-suited for the position and because people see me out there working hard to make a case for myself (for example, how many other candidates have personally been to your doorstep in this election?). I would argue that a candidate who runs for public office has a duty to communicate where they stand on a range of issues that are important to the public. That is not possible without raising money. I may not win this race, but if I lose, it will not be because I have not made my case to the people of this county.


The last sentence of the article seems to prove that elections don't always revolve around money.

Don Dix

Oregonize wrote -- "The last sentence of the article seems to prove that elections don't always revolve around money."

One abnormal case among thousands proves nothing.

Sal -- There has been a candidate at my door (not you).
You lead fundraising 8 fold, so why no filing????? It would be hard to believe it's the 50 bucks. So what's up?
And please, politicians are notorious for making promises today. Come tomorrow? Anything goes!


Sal -- I would be interested in hearing your case. How do I get the info you have?

Sal Peralta

Don - I was at your house in October. As the article states, I expect to complete the signature gathering phase in March. Fletch, thanks for the interest. You can visit my web site at

Don Dix

Sal -- You were @ my home in Oct.? With whom did you speak? I didn't find any evidence of your visit.

Look, I made the original comment because it's true (money, and only money, is the major factor in winning most elections). The comment was made about the upcoming elections, nothing personal. Since you have by far the largest 'war chest', it's understandable you would take exception. That exception, however, does zilch to justify the ugly truth.

Sal Peralta

Don - I don't disagree with you about the problem of money in politics. I helped to lead the statewide effort to pass campaign finance reform in 2005 and 2006 and I have lobbied on the issue of money in politics in several legislative sessions since then, including defeating efforts 2 sessions ago to hamstring Oregon's campaign finance reporting system. But there is a big difference between raising money in mostly small amounts from folks in the local community and individuals or entities spending hundreds of thousands or millions in state and federal races. My biggest contributor in this campaign is the state's leading advocate for campaign finance reform, having written the measures that were on the ballot in 2006, and litigated those measures all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court when the state refused to enact them.

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