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Salem judge refuses to perform same-sex marriages

SALEM — A Marion County judge has asked his clerks to refer couples seeking same-sex marriages to other county judges.

Judge Vance Day, a former chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, is now facing an ethics investigation as a result of that decision.

Spokesman Patrick Korten says Day asked his staff to send same-sex couples elsewhere due to his religious beliefs.

On Thursday, the Oregon Government Ethics Commission gave Day permission to create a legal defense fund for himself in order to cover such expenses he expects to incur during the investigation.

Day joined the bench in 2011 and has not performed any same-sex marriages. He stopped doing marriages of any kind this past spring. Marion County judges are not required to perform marriages.



It's too bad that the Republicans have so many religious nuts among their leadership. It's part of the reason why their brand is losing.


The party filled with tone-deaf, pious, old white men.


We have a growing Christian fascist movement trying to turn this country into a theocracy. They are no different than the Islamic extremists who want to impose Sharia law. These people don't believe in what America stands for and are actively trying to take over elected positions from school boards to the presidency. Our own county government is a perfect example.


I think it unfortunate but he has made the right legal choice to stop doing all because he does not agree with some. I felt he has made a very ethical choice and should not be bothered with an investigation. Because what it all comes down to is "choice".


LuLu, that is a racist thing to say.


Lu Lu, Black men are against gay marriage more than White men, how do you put your racist spin on that one lulu?

You "tolerant" libs are hypocrites, you are only tolerant of others opinions or views, as long as they agree with you. And need we mention Hillary Clinton? If THAT is the best you libs have, than it is sad indeed, That women has never met a lie she has not told. lol


Although I have no intention of voting for Hillary Clinton, I still don't take advice from illiterates.


lulu I see you have zero defense for your racist comment? SHOCKING! Racists seldom have a defense.


Another example of Christian fascism coming to a city hall, county commission, school board or courthouse near you.

David Bates

I heard somewhere -- it may have been in the Statesman-Journal -- that this issue has been blown out of proportion, for the following reason: Judge Day doesn't do weddings ... period. For anyone. I don't know if that's true or what the law says on the matter, but I gather that judges in Oregon have the option of simply not providing the service. If it's a blanket policy he has for all marriages, what's the problem?

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