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New Oregon laws for Jan. 1, 2015

PORTLAND — Oregon's most talked about new law for 2015 — legalization of recreational marijuana — does not take effect until July. Here are some of the new laws that do apply Jan. 1.

— Children of volunteer firefighters and reserve police officers killed or disabled in the line of duty are eligible for special scholarships. Similar scholarships have long been available to the children of killed or disabled police officers and firefighters.

— Foreclosed homes on the auction block must contain a warning to prospective buyers if they haven't been tested for methamphetamine contamination.

— Young people who report an alcohol-related emergency can't be prosecuted for being a minor in possession of alcohol. The law does not shield them from other offenses, such as driving under the influence.

— Those with one minor out-of-state marijuana conviction can apply for a concealed handgun license in Oregon.

— The Oregon Department of Justice gains more power to take on charities that fail to file annual reports with the state or submit false information.

— Mutuel pools for live or previously held horse races may include amounts carried forward from the mutuel pool of previous races. This esoteric law allows Portland Meadows to install Instant Racing electronic gambling machines to help subsidize live racing. The machines resemble slots and players bet on previously run races, with identifying information not shown.

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