Troubled times in Oregon's
"Lawless South"

Washington, D.C. news outlet highlights the depleted police force of some O&C counties

(Ossie Bladine/News-Register)  A college colleague of mine recently published an article regarding the woes of Southern Oregon communities in danger of becoming “Deliverance in Oregon.” The article focuses on Josephine County, “the richest most broke county in Oregon,” one of many rural counties recently forced to slash police presence in their communities:

I asked how he’s getting by these days.

“One day at a time,” he said. “We can’t keep up with all the issues.”

When residents voted down the budget stopgap levy, Gilbertson’s office had to make drastic cuts. The major crimes unit closed, operations were reduced to Monday through Friday, eight hours a day, and the county jail was forced to release 39 prisoners due to lack of bed space.

The Sheriff’s Office has also had to increase “cite and release,” where deputies ticket criminals instead of holding them in jail until their court date. The lack of resources doesn’t exactly encourage criminals to appear at their scheduled court dates.

If you follow the State & Region section of our website, you’re familiar with the results of the depleted O&C land revenue. (Yamhill County has some O&C lands, but has never relied on the revenue for maing operating costs.) Ciaramella gets a nice personal touch in his article compared to the straight news Associated Press articles on the subject.

Also, don't miss Ciaramella's related post, "America's Greatest Newspaper Crime Blotter." If only Mac Police still kept such a call log for us to report on.



What Ossie said. These are well worth the read.

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