Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome  can impact quality of life for many young people.  Not only is it associated with overt problems such as (central) weight gain and hair growth in unwanted places (face & abdomen), most recently it has been linked to sleep disturbances and subsequent sleepiness during waking hours.

PCOS can wreek havoc on health by causing changes in glucose and lipid metabolism that have negative impact on long term health.  The association with metabolic syndrome puts women with PCOS at greater risk for heart disease and shortened lifespan.  PCOS often demonstrates itself with anovulation, creating irregular, often heavy, menses and infertility.

Early treatment can help prevent or mitigate many of PCOS associated problems.  Metformin can not only help correct the metabolic changes, improve weight loss efforts but also improve sleep quality.  Other treatments are available for the hirsuitism and irregular menses.  When ovulation is desired for pregnancy, clomid can often be successful.

PCOS is often undertreated as its effects advance slowly and are easy to ignore.  Young women are often aware of the major impact this disease can have on their health.  Anyone with irregular menses should be evaluated for PCOS and learn what can be done to prevent this disease from creating problems in the future.

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