Chicken or egg? Exercise or diet?

Chicken or egg? Exercise or diet?  Which comes first or takes priority in the get fit / lose weight / improve health goal while also improving well-being and maximizing longevity?  While everyone has their own psychological makeup and internal dialogue, it has been my observation that commitment to exercise naturally leads to improved diet choices both in nutritional quality and in most cases reduced quantities.  Exercise improves basal metabolic rate so those individuals that work up a sweat on a regular basis continue to burn more calories at non-exercise times compared to the sedentary.

Walking has been touted as the panacea of exercise – it does serve to provide weight bearing to strengthen bones, movement to lubricate joints and a certain amount of cardiovascular conditioning depending on the pace.  For those desiring weight loss and muscle gain, a more intense program involving a higher heart rate and gradually increasing strength challenges is most productive.  Stretching before and after workouts helps to prevent injury and preserve flexibility.

The team at Women’s Health Care can outline goals for you to consider as you contemplate ways to improve your health through diet and exercise.  To make an appointment with one of our providers, call 503-435-2020.

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