Scientific Research

Scientific Research  has the ability to take frightening organisms or substances and put them to helpful, positive use.  The botulinum toxin is one such example. Clostridium botulinum, the same bacterium responsible for botulism, produces a neuromodulator which inhibits the neurotransmission between peripheral nerves and muscles. In conditions exacerbated by muscle contraction, it can be an effective treatment.

In those suffering from contractures, like people with cerebral palsy, relaxation of the muscles can relieve significant pain.  In the same way muscle relaxation can sometimes help in chronic headaches, trigger point pain, pelvic floor dysfunction.

Blocking muscle contraction even helps in people suffering from hyperhydrosis – the production of excess sweat. As sweat glands relax they do not produce as much moisture.

In the cosmetic world neuromodulators are most often used to relax muscles underneath the skin so as to allow the wrinkles produced by muscle contraction to disappear. It will not overcome the loss of skin elasticity which comes with aging.

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