Elective Abortions

Elective Abortions  have dropped to the lowest rate since prior to legalization of the procedure.  This is at least in part due to the increased availability of contraception for teens and the increased effectiveness of methods of contraception that do not require much effort on the part of the user.

Teens can seek medical care independent of their parents (age 15 and above).  And social media has helped to disseminate information about pregnancy prevention.  In addition, hopefully, young women are feeling more empowered to make life choices that support their development as individuals.

The use of intrauterine devices and the hormonal rod that is inserted under the skin has given many women options that work well amidst the busy lifestyle where routine is not the norm.  The new Skyla is a smaller version of Mirena, a progesterone IUD designed for those who have never been pregnant.  Nexplanon slips under the skin of the arm and works for three years. Both methods take less than five minutes to insert and are covered by insurance.  Also permanent contraception is now an in-office procedure covered in full by most insurance for women.

The providers at Women’s Health Care are happy to discuss contraceptive options with you. Please call for an appointment - 503-435-2020.

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