News Flash on Hot Flashes

News Flash on Hot Flash!!  Now over ten years out from the WHI study which showed that older women on Premarin and Provera had higher risks for breast cancer, stroke and blood clots, most women have chosen to go through menopause without hormonal support.

Some women have been helped with the use of non-hormonal medications, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  Now the FDA has approved of a medication in this category which went through the necessary evaluation to be determined to be both safe and effective at a lower dose than previously used.

Treatment of hot flashes can decrease one’s discomfort, embarrassment as well as improve sleep quality.  This in turn can help with mood and attitude.  Indeed some women actually develop depression in the menopausal period and this may require higher doses of medication than needed to treat vasomotor symptoms.

Estrogen is still useful in many menopausal women – particularly those who notice cognitive changes brought about by declining hormonal levels.  Indeed, menopausal symptoms remain a complex topic of discussion.  At Women Health Care, our all female providers are happy to discuss the options available to those struggling with hot flashes or night sweats.  Call for an appointment 503-435-2020.

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