Aging Skin

Aging Skin is a phenomenon that affects everyone eventually.  Some experience it earlier depending on their genetics, sun exposure, and smoking habits. Many changes, especially on the face, are exacerbated by underlying muscle contraction habits, and loss of fatty tissue and falling of facial structures secondary to gravity.

Skin, as it ages, can develop pigmentation (age spots), keratoses (rough bumps), and wrinkles. Healthy lifestyle and consistent use of sunblock can slow many of the aging processes.  As changes progress, however, some will develop a look of anger, fatigue or old age that does not match the underlying personality.

One goal of aesthetics is to counteract effects of aging. Relaxation of the muscles below the skin can eliminate wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead and crow’s feet. Refilling areas that have lost volume, such as cheeks restores the natural beauty. Resurfacing through laser treatment of small veins and age spots, as well as retexturing techniques can improve the skin’s appearance.  Eliminating fat along the jowl line and below the chin restores a more youthful contour to the lower face.

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